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     Ciera Daniel is an individual who is dedicated to the fight of alleviating inequalities and improving social and public health outcomes for at-risk populations. Historically, Ciera has approached this fight through her commitment to urban education and philanthropy. She believes in empowering both children and adults in becoming aware and equipped to overcome the obstacles that they face. Ciera's main sphere of impact has been around adolescent development and education. However, her holistic commitment to the community has also led her to many forms of ministry, philanthropy, and advisement to government agencies. 


       Ciera creates evidence based curriculum for global adolescents in partnership with the world’s top rated school of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University & RnD Associates Global.​ She is a contributor to The Teen Years Explained: A Guide to Healthy Adolescent Development 2nd Edition (TTYE), published by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Center for Adolescent Development. In this publication, Ciera highlighted the impact that media plays in the role of adolescents. She is also a founding committee member that works to bridge the gap between Faith Based Organizations and Sexual Health. 


   Ciera became aware of the plight of minorities who are marginalized during her acquisition of a Government and Politics degree as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park. Through community service, internships, and education courses, she became knowledgeable of foundational skills necessary to serve in urban education. She went to join Teach for America Baltimore (TFA) where she taught Middle School English in the city of Baltimore at the Academy for College and Career Exploration (ACCE). In addition, Ciera served as a Program Director for Middle Grades Partnership (MGP). There, she developed a media literacy curriculum to equip minority students with the tools necessary to combat negative stereotypes that influence their self-perception and efficacy.


      As a 2017 Baltimore Corps fellow, Ciera worked with a local nonprofit, managing and mobilizing over 300 volunteers toward one mission and assisting the organization during it’s “boom” of experiencing significant financial growth whilst being met with the real challenges of restructuring staff roles, meeting the new demands and dynamics that accompany the onslaught of expectations from new funders, and building an app. She holds a Master of Science degree in Education Studies from Johns Hopkins University. She studied Nonprofit Management and Fundraising at Harvard University and has been recognized as one of George Soros’ Open Society Institute's (OSI) 2018 Community Fellows and was selected to be apart of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s inaugural cohort (2019 & 2020) of the Young Leaders Development Program.


   Ciera was recognized by the Major League Baseball Association as a Baltimore Orioles 2019 Birdland Community Hero.

       Ciera is the Co-founder and Founding Executive Director of Young Kings' Leadership Academy, an organization that serves Black Male middle school students. Later, Ciera started working with influential individuals and private foundations to serve national and global adolescents at a much larger scale- gaining experience partnering with large brands such as McDonalds, Puma, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, and JP Morgan Chase.


     After becoming a mom and learning that youth spend on average 15,000 hours of watching television by the time they graduate high school compared to 11,000 hours in the classroom, Ciera founded God is Here Media. God is Here Media seeks to provide media that heals the world by improving social and public health outcomes through various forms of media. Ciera currently attends the Georgia Film Academy.

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